“Fedor Lyass’ crisp, sleek photography
confers a high-def elegance on the frame.”
“You could go see "Hardcore Henry". Or
you could gulp down a pint of vodka,
load in “Grand Theft Auto," then strap the TV to your face
and throw yourself down the stairs.”
“As a formal and technical achievement,
“Hardcore Henry” is almost virtuosic.”
    "The feature Hardcore Henry is depicted entirely
       from the first-person perspective of its title character,
                  who wakes up with amnesia and must frantically run, jump and shoot his way through Moscow» 
           American Cinematographer
“The widescreen cinematographic prowess
of Fedor Lyass is on full display.”
“Fedor Lyass’s lensing makes you
fall in love with every aspect of Moscow.”
“Exceptionally handsome cinematography by Fedor Lyass.”
“Fedor Lyass’s cinematography is sharp, clean, and fluid.”
“Cinematographer Fedor Lyass does a superb job of capturing
newly brash and confident Moscow."
“Thanks to Fedor Lyass's superb photography,
this is a gorgeous film.”
“Hardcore Henry offers a nonstop barrage of close-quarter graphic violence, visually-inventive camera angles, shot compositions, and free-wheeling cinematography/camerawork.”